Cobden Timboon Coast Times
Locals turn out for superload

MORE than 100 locals turned out to view the ‘superload’ at Cobden as it completed the final leg of its four night journey to the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm last Friday morning.

The 663 tonne load, which was transporting a transformer from the Port of Geelong to Haunted Gully at Lismore, passed the outskirts of Cobden at around 2.30am.

In what was originally planned to be a three day journey, the superload hit unexpected delays on the second night of its trip, with an extra night added to accommodate the delays.

It set off on the final leg of its trip at about 11.30pm on Thursday night, having been parked at a truck stop on the Princes Highway at Pirron Yallock throughout the afternoon.

It travelled down the Princes Highway before turning onto Cobden-Stoneyford Road, where it encountered about an hour’s delay as support crews laid steel plates across the Curdies River bridge.

Once complete, the 115 metre long vessel was then back on the road, making its way towards the Camperdown-Cobden Road intersection, where it turned right to head to Camperdown in front of a crowd of onlookers.

The superload then made its way to Camperdown, where more than 200 people greeted it, before it continued on its journey to Haunted Gully.