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Week of Golf proves a hit

A CONSTANT buzz surrounded the Cobden Golf Club over the past 10 days as locals and visitors alike flocked to the course for their prestigious Week of Golf event.

Week of Golf co-ordinator Daniel Beard said the 28th staging of the event, which wrapped up on Sunday, went “really well”.

He said numbers increased once again following on from last year’s success, with the club proud of how popular the event has become.

“It was a fantastic week for the club,” he said.

“I think our golfing numbers were up from 550 last to 605 (this year), so we were up 10 per cent of golfers which was great.”

Beard said there were “multiple reasons” for the increase in numbers, with online advertising, repeat and new visitors and an increased prize pool all playing a role in drawing people to the week.

He said people from as far away as Chiltern attended the event, which again showed the popularity of the Week of Golf.

“I’d say raising our prizes from one car two years ago to three cars and 11 carts (this year) has been significant,” he said.

“We also really pushed our Facebook advertising to Geelong and further away and people saw it online and wanted to be a part of it.

“And I think a lot of people played last year and said they would come back and they did and they had new ones that came with them.”

Beard said the full fields across all 10 events were the week’s highlights, with the club receiving plenty of positive feedback.

He said the weather also helped keep spirits high on the course, with players getting through Saturday’s high temperatures unscathed.

“Most days it was jam-packed and the atmosphere around the course and in the clubhouse was really good,” he said.

Once again no lucky golfer was able to claim a prized hole-in-one but there were a few close calls, including a lip-out.

“Unfortunately none of the holes-in-one went off but we did have one that we watched lip out,” Beard said.

“That was Terry Kelly, he’s been a regular visitor and long time supporter of us and it would have been fantastic if it had have went off.”

With the dust settling on another bumper week, Beard said the success of the event would not have been possible without the effort and commitment of numerous people.

He thanked the Week of Golf committee for organising and running another great week, the greens committee for the way the course was presented and the club staff for their hospitality across the 10 days.

Beard also thanked the large number of volunteers who pitched into help with jobs both in the lead-up and during the week and the numerous sponsors for their support of the event.

Planning for next year’s edition will start shortly, with the Week of Golf committee to meet within the next week to recap the event.

Beard said ideally the same dates will be locked in again for 2020, but added that will be confirmed in the near future.

The Week of Golf committee and golf club will also come together on March 17 for a sponsors’ day.

Beard said a round of golf and a barbecue was planned with sponsors of the event and was the club’s way of showing their appreciation for their support.