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Milestone with Aus’ Post

COBDEN’S Ewart Mounsey has seen a number of changes in his years with Australia Post.

This month, he will mark 60 years at the Cobden Post Office, an involvement which has seen telegrams come and go and parcel volumes outstrip letters with the advance of technology.

Mr Mounsey said he started working as a junior postal officer on April 16, 1959 with an annual salary of 290 pounds.

He spent five years in the role.

“Then I was a postal officer after that, then I went on to be a postman,” Mr Mounsey said.

“I finished up buying it (the Cobden Post Office) in October 1997.

“I wanted to work for myself; I’d been working for Australia Post for 45-odd years.”

Throughout the years, he said the biggest change to the organisation had been the way people contacted each other.

“The amount of letters have dropped right off because of emails and electronic stuff,” Mr Mounsey said.

“Now it’s just parcels. Online shopping is just booming and it’s getting bigger.”

Reflecting back on his career, he said one of the most memorable moments was on his first day.

“The first day that I started I was green, we used to take the telegrams by Morse code and the fellow that did them said “you’ve got to deliver this one down Devils Gully,” Mr Mounsey said.

“So I hopped on the bike and started to take off. I got to the end of the driveway and they called me back.

“They had me on a bit.”

Practical jokes aside, he said it has been an enjoyable career.

“It was a job, so I kept doing it. But I’ve enjoyed it all the way through,” Mr Mounsey said.

“It’s been a good business to us (he and his family).”

Australia Post state general manager Victoria Roger Revere congratulated Mr Mounsey on his long-standing employment with Australia Post.

“Ewart Mounsey and his family have provided an outstanding service to the Cobden community, delighting our customers with excellent service,” he said.

“We congratulate Ewart and his family on their efforts, and wish them well in the future, as they continue to serve the local community.”

While Mr Mounsey did not want a fuss on the day, a barbecue will be held to mark the occasion on Thursday, April 18 at the Cobden Post Office between 12noon and 2pm.

The wider community is invited to attend.