Cobden Timboon Coast Times
Jamie (John) Vogels wants to support local economy

SUPPORTING agriculture, listening to farmers, improved bushfire planning and helping businesses recover from COVID-19 form the platform on which Jamie (John) Vogels will contest the Corangamite Shire election for the Coastal Ward.

Mr Vogels, 47, was born and raised in the shire and manages Scotts Dairies with his brother Andrew. 

He owns property in both the Coastal and South-West Wards and is the son of former Corangamite Shire mayor and Victorian MP, MLA and MLC John Vogels (AM).

Mr Vogels said there was never a greater need for the community to come together and support each other to restore the local economy and protect the health and wellbeing of residents.

“Our Coastal Ward has suffered greatly from the pandemic and will need a strong voice at the council table,” he said.

“I would like that opportunity and the chance to represent this community would not be taken for granted. Attracting business and investment is key.

“Supporting our businesses who depend on tourism is a top priority, as is the health and wellbeing of our community as the full impact of this crisis continues to unfold.”

Mr Vogels and his wife Sheryn have a son, Ben, who attends Timboon P-12 School. 

They live in Scotts Creek on a dairy farm – an industry he is heavily vested in.

“Supporting the advancement of agriculture in our community and listening to the needs of our farmers is paramount to our future,” Mr Vogels said.

“Securing funding for local, state and federal roads, as always, is an issue that needs to be at the forefront of the council agenda.

“It’s my view that we need a coherent and safe emergency plan in the event of bushfires, and it needs to be better communicated. There should be no confusion what community members do when a bushfire happens…we all need to know what to do and where to go.”

He said the council needed to flex and adapt to the existing and emerging needs of the business community who were the lifeblood of the local economy.