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‘An Afternoon for Lego Lovers’ proves popular

LEGO lovers united together to share one of their favourite pastimes on Monday.

The Rotary Club of Cobden, with the support of Anglicare Victoria and the South West Brick Club, held ‘An Afternoon for Lego Lovers’ at St Mary’s Church Hall.

Fifty children attended the event along with 12 to 14 parents and grandparents, with all in attendance enjoying a number of activities including LEGO games and construction. 

President Gary Kimber said the Rotary Club was thrilled with the event, adding the purpose of the afternoon was twofold.

“It provides an activity for the kids in the school holiday period with the LEGO,” he said.

“The monies from today are going to a trust funded by Rotary for 20 month-old Samuel Hooker who tragically lost his mum.

“We were delighted with the attendance and the support from the community and in particular we’d like to thank Anglicare Victoria and South West Brick Club who have generously donated their time and all the LEGO.”

Mr Kimber said the success of the afternoon meant there was scope for similar days in the future.

“It’s the first time ever (we’ve held one) but I don’t reckon it’ll be the last,” he said.

“They just walked in and went straight to the LEGO.

“It was also good to see the kids playing with their parents and grandparents, it was really enjoyable.”

Winners: Ruby and Ethan Duynhoven won prizes as part of activities run at the Rotary Club event on Monday.