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Timboon Opportunity Shop $12,000 Hall donation for generator

TIMBOON and district residents could be safer in case of a fire thanks to a donation from the Timboon Opportunity Shop (TOPS).

Timboon and District Hall Committee chairperson Keith Whitford said during the 2018 St Patrick’s Day fires more than 100 people took refuge at the hall. 

He said the hall was Timboon’s designated Place of Last Resort. 

“It became apparent to the hall committee a supply of external power was needed,” Mr Whitford said. 

“The hall committee moved we provide external power to the hall in two stages.”

The first stage saw the necessary wiring and upgrade to the power boxes to receive external power via a generator at a cost of $8000. 

Mr Whitford said stage two involved purchasing a generator to produce enough power to run all the appliances within the hall in an emergency. 

He said the committee approached TOPS co-ordinator Brenda Parfett to see if they were able to help with the cost of purchasing a generator. 

“After a discussion with her committee they decided to donate $12,000 which is the total cost of the generator, enabling us to complete stage two,” Mr Whitford said. 

“We hope that this project will not be required for use in the same circumstances as St Patrick’s Day fires; but if the hall is needed as a Place of Last Resort, the community will have a little more comfort.

“As chairperson of the Timboon and District Hall Committee, a big thanks to Brenda and her team at TOPS for their donation towards the completion of stage two. 

“Thanks also to the Timboon and District Hall Committee for their foresight in making this project happen.”