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8 February, 2024

Phones to ring for satisfaction feedback

MOYNE Shire households may receive a survey call from independent market research agency National Field Services over the next month.

By wd-news

The Community Satisfaction Survey, organised by Local Government Victoria, provides an opportunity for residents to provide feedback on council’s performance across a range of measures such as customer service, community consultation and overall council direction.

Residents can expect to potentially receive a call until around mid-March.

Last year 30,000 rate payers were surveyed across 66 Victorian local government areas.

Participating councils receive reports which include comparisons to previous years, the state-wide results and the results grouped by similar councils.

Moyne Shire mayor Ian Smith said the survey is a great opportunity for residents to tell council how it’s performing.

“Residents are selected randomly, and details and responses are kept confidential,” he said.

“Only the overall results are shared with council, which help us understand where improvements can be made, and what we’re doing well.

“When released later in the year, the results will be shared with the community via our email newsletter, social media and website.”

The survey takes around 15 minutes.

National Field Services will make the call from a landline, and if required, residents can request to speak to someone in their language to assist with completing the survey.


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