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AFL Barwon, CDFNL call off 2020 football netball competitions

COLAC and District league footballers and netballers will not play for premierships this year following an AFL Barwon decision to cancel competitions.

AFL Barwon, along with the Geelong and District and Colac and District football netball leagues cancelled all senior football and netball competitions last Tuesday.

The decision was made after concerns were raised by clubs across the region about the uncertainty around a clear path back to return to play and uncertainty around how to generate revenue without the opening of bars and canteens – including social functions.

The burden placed on volunteers, the inability to effectively manage crowds to comply with the State Government restrictions, health concerns with COVID-19 and varying financial implications also formed part of the decision.

However AFL Barwon and its member clubs remain committed to returning to play in modified forms at both senior and junior levels – although those plans are still in their infancy.

AFL Barwon region general manager Will McGregor said the decision will allow all clubs to return in 2021 in the strongest position possible.

“Having a unified approach across our entire region and all senior competitions has been beneficial, which I am thankful to Peter Hickey and Neville Whitley for,” he said.

“Unfortunately, cancelling senior football and netball in 2020 is the only viable option to ensure the sustainability of 44 senior clubs.”

Ninety per cent of clubs in the Colac and District Football Netball League (CDFNL) voted against playing for a premiership this year.